Pre-Owned Vehicles Auba

(as per 1 Jan, 2019)

Model YearBrandModelEngine / Transm.ColorMileage*Price*
2013CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATWhite48,6289,699
2013CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver46,0349,699
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver39,50810,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver35,27410,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver34,37510,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver33,46210,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver38,64310,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver44,33710,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver43,63710,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver37,44210,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver44,24910,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver38,84310,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver41,37210,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver33,67410,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver33,78910,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver44,12510,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver39,16710,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LS1.6 L / ATSilver38,51010,494
2014CHEVROLETAveo LT1.6 L / ATChampagne37,91713,992
2012CHEVROLETCruze LT1.8 L / ATSilver52,67324,380
2016CHEVROLETCruze LS1.8 L / ATWhite24,74127,560
2016CHEVROLETCruze LS1.8 L / ATWhite25,08727,560
2014CHEVROLETCruze LS1.8 L / ATGray25,67426,288
2014CHEVROLETCruze LS1.8 L / ATRed Velvet21,58926,288
2014CHEVROLETCruze LS1.8 L / ATBrown21,67426,288
2014CHEVROLETCruze LS1.8 L / ATGray26,50126,288
2014CHEVROLETCruze LS1.8 L / ATSilver15,17826,288
2014CHEVROLETCruze LS1.8 L / ATGunsmoke20,36226,288
2014CHEVROLETCruze LS1.8 L / ATSilver17,62426,288
2014CHEVROLETCruze LS1.8 L / ATWhite42,21626,288
2014CHEVROLETCruze LS1.8 L / ATRed Velvet13,10326,288
2014CHEVROLETCruze LS1.8 L / ATRed Velvet16,71626,288
2016CHEVROLETCruze LS1.8 L / ATWhite24,74126,288
2013CHEVROLETNew Spark LT1.2 L / MTGrau79,31312,720
2014CHEVROLETSpark Lite0.8 L / ATSilver37,84610,272
2014CHEVROLETSpark Lite0.8 L / ATWhite31,78810,272
2014CHEVROLETSpark Lite0.8 L / ATWhite29,18710,272
2014CHEVROLETSpark Lite0.8 L / ATSilver26,45010,272
2014CHEVROLETSpark Lite0.8 L / ATMellow Yellow41,04210,272
2014CHEVROLETSpark Lite0.8 L / ATSilver28,89810,272
2014CHEVROLETSpark Lite0.8 L / ATWhite33,50810,272
2013CHEVROLETTrax LT1.8 L / ATWhite43,58320,706
2013CHEVROLETTrax LTZ1.8 L / ATSilver92,13923,002
2013CHEVROLETTrax LTZ1.8 L / ATGray33,98824,910
2013CHEVROLETTrax LTZ1.8 L / ATRed jewel106,75323,002
2014HONDACrosstour3.4 L / ATBrown95,41637,100
2012KIARio1.5 L / ATWhite91,93513,780
2012KIASorento EX3.0 L / ATBrown97,25924,274
2013MAZDACX-93.7 L / ATBlack50,81946,640
2015NISSANAltima LE2.5 L / CVTWhite42,12021,648
2011NISSANSentra2.0 L / CVTBeige74,04115,370
2013NISSANVersa Sense1.6 L / ATRed37,33915,307
2015NISSANX-Trail2.5 L / CVTWhite Pearl80,52641,340
2012SUZUKISX-4 Sedan1.6 L / ATWhite135,49512,720
2012SUZUKISX-4 Sedan1.6 L / ATWhite44,54215,794
2015SUZUKICiaz1.4 L / ATBlack42,50223,320
2017SUZUKICiaz GL+1.4 L / ATBrown16,73126,500
2014SUZUKIAPV 7-Pass1.6 L / ATSilver38,41718,328
2013SUZUKIAPV 7-Pass1.6 L / ATGray59,96818,328
2014SUZUKIAPV 7-Pass1.6 L / ATRed32,14618,328
2014VOLKSWAGENTiguan2.0 L / ATBeige11,85844,520
2011BYDF031.6 L / ATSilver70,34710,600


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